Rule 6 a website dedicated to the promotion of the Kustom Kulture lifestyle, through low brow art, deep down and dirty baselines, hot rods, drag racing, ink and iron and governed by the tikis of old. The site is used by gearheads, pinheads, airheads, the squarepegs, writers, photographers, artists, drag racers and generally anyone who didn't fit in elsewhere.
A friendly and active site based in Ireland promoting Kustom Kulture lifestyle and remembering the past that has formed today and the future. The place were nobody cares if you are running the wrong door handle on your automobile, were nobody cares, in fact most postively encourage you to use satin paint, build big engine and modify and customise your ride the way YOU want it to be...screw popular opinion, if you do things differently from the herd...welcome aboard the good ship rule6.